Table of objectives Chapter 8

Working on food


Table of objectives

Contribution to food security






Feeding more people around the world



Development of adapted varieties

5 new varieties per year

8 new varieties in 2012 / 2013

Reaching more people
Exporting to more countries

From 8 to 9% of the world population in 2020
1 new country per year (up to 2020)

From 86 to 87 countries in 2013

Knowledge sharing with growers Development of messaging service for growers In development




Contribution to healthy food



Development of specialty variants

8 varieties / concepts by 2020

Development of specialty varieties, rich in antioxidants, under the brand name Perupas
Development of Sunlite ‘light’ variant




Take care of genetic resources



Add biodiversity

5 new varieties per year

5 new varieties in 2011 / 2012
8 new varieties in 2012 / 2013
New varieties under the brand name Perupas

Working responsibly with genetic material

Collaboration with gene banks

Collaboration with CIP in Peru
  Policy for intellectual property & breeders’ exemption Communication of vision


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