Table of objectives Chapter 7

Take care of the


Table of objectives

Take care of the environment






Lowering our organisation’s impact on the environment



Lowering energy consumption

Energy Savings Plan*

Sustainable housing*

100% renewable energy*

Energy Savings Plan completed

Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage
Metslawier greenhouses
Transition to renewable energy effective
1 January 2015

Mobility: reducing travels and improving the sustainability of the vehicle fleet

Stimulate video conferencing
Develop new policy for sustainable vehicle fleet*

Digital policy Paper consumption – 20% in 2016* Transition to FSC paper and recycled paper




Development of sustainable potatoes



Development of new varieties with a higher yield and lower impact

Development of a plan for a sustainability index for the varieties

Start evaluating and considering the sustainability characteristics




Improvement of logistics and packaging



Local for local cultivation in Europe

From 74% local supply (2010) to 82% (2014 / 2015)

In line with 2013 / 2014 objective: 81%
Optimisation of transport of propagating material

Reduction of transport km per truck to 400 containers per inland vessel transport*

Transport via inland vessels from Friesland and Groningen to the ports of Velsen or Rotterdam

Use of sustainable packaging Research on alternatives based on environmental impact

Research on transition to reusable Euro pallets
Use of jute bags produced in a fair manner

Chain responsibility    
Selecting suppliers (growers) with a sustainability programme Increase in the number of HZPC growers participating in Stichting Veldleeuwerik, with 12 per year* 53 HZPC growers participate in Veldleeuwerik
Selecting suppliers (transporters) with a sustainability programme   First talks have taken place
Selecting suppliers (packaging industry) with a sustainability programme   Sustainable supplier for jute

* Applicable in the Netherlands


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