Table of objectives Chapter 9



Table of objectives

Social Involvement






Social responsibility



Preventing child labour in test fields

Increasing the level of self-sufficiency amongst workers in and around test fields

Start food programme pilot project for Egypt




Healthy diet



Informing consumers with regard to the potato and its role in a healthy diet

More people follow a healthy diet

Participation in national school garden project

Research on carbohydrates (Carbohydrate Competence Centre)




Relationship with stakeholders



Maintaining good relationship with stakeholders

Getting stakeholders involved in HZPC's sustainable activities

Grower meetings on sustainable topics



External representations




Social efforts



Support to Charities

Annual funding of four Charities*

Support food bank by providing potatoes*

Educatieondersteuning internationaal (international educational support)
Stichting Vaarwens
International Justice Mission
De Utjouwer food bank


Providing social return to the community*

Concluding a long-term relationship with Voedselbank Noord-Oost Nederland (food bank in the northeast of the Netherlands), supplying potatoes for food hampers.

* Applicable in the Netherlands


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