We foster a long-term relationship with our 272 employees. As an involved employer, we continue to invest in professional skill, welfare and vitality. We believe that our employees make the difference when it comes to strengthening the relationship with our clients and catering to their needs. This enables us to make the difference in the global market. Increasing the sustainability of our HR policy helps us to mean more to our employees, clients and business relations.

Living our values

We have an identifiable common course. This course is what we stand for, it proclaims our right to exist as a company, and how we want to associate with one another. Our employees can identify with our mission and corporate values. They were, after all, involved in the identification and establishment of these values, which is why they feel a connection to these values. These values serve as the moral compass for the choices that are made within HZPC.

Our core values are:

• We are dedicated to reach our goals*

• We think in opportunities to create outstanding solutions*

• We build long term relations and take responsibility for our actions*

• Our success is driven by knowledge and personal development*


To us, sustainable HR means:

To us, sustainable HR means: results

Increasing the sustainability of HR helps us contribute to the achievement of (long-term) operating results and the continuity of our company. This implies that the mission, vision and goals of the company must be converted to corresponding HR objectives. It also asks for people who are able to steer their own contribution to match what we need, as a company, on the whole. Based on our business strategy, we have established six HR result areas:

1. Strategic HRM*

2. Strategic workforce planning*

3. Education & personal development*

4. Remuneration & Employee benefits*

5. Vitality & Wellbeing*

6. Reporting & Information*


Vitality and wellbeing

Vitality involves more than just health. Vitality is the engine for sustainable and healthy operational performance. The reins are in the employee’s hands, but the employer facilitates and inspires. In our opinion, vitality means that employees are able to work efficiently (and can continue to do so), both mentally and physically, and in addition we stimulate the attention for personal vitality. An employee is in charge of his or her own health and vitality, to a certain extent.

We consider it a matter of course that they take responsibility for this part. Moreover, we also see the vitality of our employees as a basis for sustainable employability; to be fit-for-the-job today, but also in the future. Therefore, as an employer, we consider vitality to have a high priority and feel the need to help in this regard. At certain times, people have no control over their own health and vitality. In such event, they can be sure that HZPC will take its responsibility as an employer.

Vitality and wellbeing

We want to be the organisation where our employees feel at home. Together we provide substance to a healthy and efficient working environment and to personal health and vitality.

To us, sustainable HR means: responsibility

At HZPC we focus on the aspect of taking individual responsibility. This calls for people who are equipped to make choices on a daily basis, based on their own knowledge and insights. There is sufficient opportunity to take responsibility within HZPC. We create opportunities around people, not around systems. This is why employees are at the helm, based on professional skill and talent. They have the opportunity to show initiative and to take responsibility.

For example, employees are given the freedom to organise their time. However, we do consider it important for people to meet one another within HZPC. This interaction is important for new insights and collaboration. Working from home is possible, but fixed home working days are not incorporated.

To us, sustainable HR means: employability

Long-term employability (maintaining earning capacity and flexibility) is central in our policy. This calls for people who are able to anticipate (future) changes throughout their career, on a constant basis. Changes that come into play in the environment and within HZPC.

Working on sustainable employability is stimulated in different ways. Since 2014, ‘vitality questions’ were added to the annual performance review. In 2014 it was evaluated whether these questions contribute to increased responsibility amongst employees, with regard to their own vitality and wellbeing.

Sustainable employability is further stimulated by:

  • Life-stages schemes (including schemes which make it possible to continue to work to an older age)
  • The recruitment of new colleagues with a view to the future (or: not just filling the job openings that are available, but getting an idea of the candidate’s opportunities for advancement within HZPC)
  • Offering development opportunities aimed at current positions as well as possible future positions within HZPC.

Employability of elderly people
Each stage of life brings with it different needs, whether it involves the substance of the work, the expectations with regard to career development, or the balance between work and private life. HZPC’s policy is aimed at continuing to use the available talents of employees (regardless of their age) to the best extent possible. We developed a policy on older employees, especially for the employability of older employees.

HZPC does not discriminate or favour older or younger employees. The schemes in connection with the policy on older employees are intended to provide in the organisational needs, to:

  1. Continue to have the knowledge and experience at the company’s disposal, to the degree that this is present amongst ‘older’ employees
  2. Make it more attractive and more feasible for the older employee to continue to work to an older age, whilst maintaining productivity.


HZPC employs 272 permanent employees. Significant cultural diversity is present. This is proven by the mere fact that we have employees from 17 nationalities working in our company. The intercultural group of employees is growing. This involves HZPC colleagues who live and work in a different country than the one in which they were born and where they followed their education. Currently, 5% of our employees belong to this category. These colleagues mostly have a Bachelor, Master or PhD educational level. Collaboration without borders is evident amongst all the different nationalities. This makes our company unique.

Composition of the personnel base

The personnel base has the following composition:

The number of female employees working at HZPC is growing. However, no form of guiding policy is pursued on the division between the number of males and females. Salaries and salary increases are established based on objective criteria. These criteria are the same for all. However, individual performance is also looked at. Employee performance is acknowledged and valued by HZPC.  

Having knowledge which is of additional value to the team is a hard criterion for the recruitment of new colleagues. This is how we guarantee diversity on the work floor. Besides the multiplicity of knowledge and fields of expertise, the diversity is also evident from the large number of nationalities represented within the personnel base of HZPC.

Inflow and outflow


Inflow 2012 / 2013

Outflow 2012 / 2013

Inflow 2013 / 2014

Outflow 2013 / 2014






Outflow and advancement

Besides the 5% inflow of new employees during the past year, we also experienced an outflow of 1.9%. This outflow will increase during the coming years, because of the number of employees reaching retirement age. A certain degree of outflow is positive, because it increases the advancement opportunities for HZPC colleagues. This is also true for the recruitment of new employees with additional skills and experience (acquired in a different setting).

Of those employees who have a permanent contract, 38% have been working in their current position for less than five years. They have either recently advanced from one position, or have been employed with us for less than five years. Our team therefore has a healthy balance of experienced employees on the one hand and new insights on the other.

In the past 5 years, 14% of employees advanced to a different position within HZPC. Internal advancement over the past 5 years, within the various locations, can be divided as follows:

At HZPC we do everything in our power to retain employees who are limited in their work abilities, as a result of illness. This implies care for our employees, and adaptations to the work environment, so their work capacity can still be utilised.

In dialogue

At least once a year, we engage each employee in a performance review. Individual ambitions are identified and aligned with HZPC’s objectives. Each employee’s contribution is also evaluated on an annual basis. Contrariwise, employees are also asked to provide feedback on the role fulfilled by their superior. A follow-up discussion always takes place. Reinforcing each individual’s (personal, professional and / or management) capacity is a central theme in HZPC’s HR policy.

Working on the future

HZPC invests in the training and coaching of (future) employees, in various ways. We attach considerable importance to the presence of young people in the organisation, and also want to be an attractive employer for young talent that still has to enter the job market.

Young HZPC

We founded Young HZPC for employees under the age of 30. The objective of Young HZPC is to strengthen the relationship between young colleagues in different departments, and to give them a voice within HZPC, so that their added value can be utilised to the fullest extent. Young HZPC is also responsible for international interconnection between young employees.

Internships and traineeships

Each year we have places available for 5 (international) trainees and interns. We have good contacts with Stedin University (Stenden Hogeschool) in Leeuwarden, Wageningen University (Wageningen Universiteit) and Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein).

A healthy corporate culture

We cherish the great working environment within our organisation. We believe it is important that our employees feel respected and valued. Our Code of Conduct* explains how we interpret this on a daily basis.

The great working environment is also driven by many informal activities that are organised. This promotes solidarity. The degree of loyalty amongst HZPC’s employees is incredibly high. The average employment duration amongst current employees is more than 15 years.

Our rate of sick leave, viewed over many years, is low.  With sick leave rates as low as 1.68% (2013 / 2014) and 0.86% (2012 / 2013), these rates are below the level of ‘amenable to influence’.
The fact that this rate is low is not a coincidence. The individual employee’s options for making arrangements within his or her position, contribute to this significantly.

HZPC makes every effort to prevent work-related complaints. The identification of risks at the workplace (carrying out and following up on the Risk Inventory & Evaluation, amongst other things) forms part of this. Despite this level of precaution, we were unable to prevent a relatively serious industrial accident (without fatalities) in 2013 / 2014.  

We promote healthy eating in our company restaurant at our head office. With a healthy selection on the menu and plenty of fruit and fruit juice, a healthy option is always at hand.