Increased sustainability has, for quite some time, been part of our mission and operations within HZPC. Our product is a responsible choice, naturally. Our special shareholder structure is of importance for sustainable business operations. Our important stakeholders - growers, breeders and employees - are able to participate in our company, by purchasing certificates. Joint ownership ensures shared values and interests, and also achieves a high level of mutual involvement. In this way they think and grow with us.

The challenges:

By 2050, the world population will have increased to at least 9 billion people. Sufficient and responsible food will have to be available in order to feed all these people. This brings with it major challenges for man and society, but also for the environment. Freshwater is scarce, and soil is not suitable for agriculture in all areas. In addition, diseases affecting food crops, limited product knowledge and inefficient processing, lead to lower yields and even to food waste.

Another challenge is the lack of nutrients in food. A shortage of vitamins and nutrient components leads to impaired health and reduces welfare amongst large groups of people.

Our contribution

Our mission is to contribute to the development of responsible food for a growing world population. We do this in a responsible manner that is good for the environment, for animals and for man. We come into action on two fronts:

  1. Reducing the carbon footprint of our own business operations
  2. Adding value through the development of responsible food for a growing world population

Our ambition

The potato as a crop makes it possible to produce good food in a short period of time and with relatively little water: rich in vitamins and carbohydrates. We want to make a contribution to improve the cultivation of potatoes in the world. Research and development play a major role in this regard. We also consider knowledge sharing, in order to optimise the cultivation of potatoes, an important contribution to the growing need for healthy food and responsible cultivation.


HZPC uses the latest breeding technology. With more and more opportunities, we work on the development of new, sustainable and responsible potato varieties. HZPC’s potato varieties are developed without the use of genetic modification (GMO).

Our strategy for increased sustainability:

The three pillars of our sustainability policy

  1. Take care of the environment*
  2. Food security*
  3. Social involvement*

The foundation that supports all our activities is the long-term relationships that we have with our employees, growers and breeders. The activities within the three pillars are aimed at our business operations (taking responsibility for our actions) and at the development of responsible food (through our products and services).

Our most important stakeholders:

Stakeholders Contact / dialogue
Affiliated growers One-on-one contact with an HZPC colleague who is responsible in this regard
  Grower meetings
  Management Information
  Website / HZPC Online
  Company magazine (Ruggespraak)
Affiliated breeders One-on-one contact with an HZPC colleague who is responsible in this regard
  Breeder meetings
  Management Information
  Website / HZPC Online
  Company magazine (Ruggespraak)
Employees One-on-one contact with superior, immediate colleagues and colleagues right throughout the communication lines
  Work meeting
  Performance reviews
  Company magazine (Ruggespraak)
  Training and education
Consumers Consumer survey
  Communication through websites
  Trade fairs
Clients One-on-one contact
  Trade fairs
  Grower company visit
Governments Collaborative efforts and partnerships
Periodic reports
  Periodieke rapportages
(Food) science Collaborative efforts and partnerships
Suppliers Procurement
  Terms and conditions of supply
Social organisations Collaborative efforts and partnerships
Certificate holders Meeting of Certificate Holders   
Umbrella organisations Collaborative efforts and partnerships

The CSR organisation

HZPC has a CSR working group consisting of 10 individuals who represent a cross-section of the Dutch organisation. Each working group member is responsible for an individual theme. The objectives and interpretation of the CSR activities are initiated and carried out by a working group member, and implemented across the organisation, to the extent possible. HZPC attaches considerable value to employees who come up with their own initiatives that are implemented by the organisation. The working group convenes six times a year and holds a meeting twice a year with the Executive Board, via the Management Team.

Charity Committee

Our Charity Committee consists of 4 individuals and is responsible for awarding donations to four Charities, suggested by employees.

Code of conduct

We are currently working on a Code of Conduct. An abridged version of this can be viewed here already. Code of Conduct