Chapter 2


Next Level Innovation Award

During Potato Europe 2013, HZPC won the Innovation Award with its entry: ‘Potato shelf of the Future (Het aardappelschap van de toekomst)’. The shelf ensures that potatoes stay fresh for longer, because the shelf is cooled and has green lights to help combat green discolouration.

Introduction of Perupas

The Perupas concept is new and entirely in line with today’s superfood trend. The Blue Star, Magenta Love and Violet Queen varieties are specialty varieties. They were introduced to the market under the brand name Perupas. A number of Perupa varieties have a higher concentration of anthocyanins (antioxidants).

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HZPC Holland opts for 100% renewable energy

Effective January 2015, we will only be using 100% renewable energy in the Netherlands, derived from renewable energy sources.

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Publication of the first Sustainability Report

Our first digital Sustainability Report for 2013 will be published in 2014.

Increase biodiversity

In 2012 / 2013, 8 new varieties were added to the catalogue of varieties.

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Start food programme pilot project for Egypt

In an attempt to enhance the welfare of the local community in and around the test fields in developing countries, a school garden pilot project is started in Egypt, which aims for children to be able to take vegetables home.

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Martzen ten Klooster | research analyst plant pathology

Collaboration with Food Bank

HZPC started a collaborative effort with Voedselbank Noord-Oost Nederland (food bank in the north-eastern part of the Netherlands). We deliver 18,000 kg of potatoes per year for food hampers.

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Collaboration with CIP and benefit sharing in Peru

In line with the objective of working responsibly with genetic material, we are in Peru, where we set out to work on the start of a practical and small-scale benefit sharing initiative, under the guidance of the International Potato Center (CIP), with and for so-called custodian farmers in the Andes.

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Veldleeuwerik participation

The number of HZPC growers participating in the sustainability programme of Stichting Veldleeuwerik has grown from 6 growers to 53.

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